Cleaning: We pride ourselves in our ability to clean your stone and grout without the use of harsh and abrasive products. For the most part we use neutral, non-acidic degreasers and exfoliating products to remove everyday dirt and grime. We can remove mildew without damage to the grout or caulk. We can remove rust from any type of masonry product. We also boast our ability to remove the extreme amounts of hard water deposits found in many showers and on many kitchen countertops here in Central Oregon.

Sealing: The most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to have it professionally sealed. We use only the best products for sealing, with a wide variety of different applications, depending on your stone's needs, the type you have, and the environment it's in.

Diamond Resurfacing: We use a series of grits, with a wet process, for dust free resurfacing; to remove lippage, traffic patterns, scratches, and everyday use. From here we can bring your stone to any number of finishes to suit your's and the stone's needs. (Diamond abrasives are actually recycled diamond dust, from the process of polishing jewelry, which get sifted and segregated into different grits.)

Polishing; High Gloss/Semi-Gloss: We bring out the natural beauty and value of your stone with this process in particular. Depending on what your stone is made of will depend on how we will bring it to a polish. We use several different types of polishing products from Spain, Italy, and America which polish your stone itself, without leaving anything on the surface, giving it the longest lasting finish possible.

Honed; Matte/Satin/Patina: The rule of thumb with stone is the darker it is, the denser it is. The other rule is the denser the stone, the easier it is to polish. Like all rules there are exceptions to these. When honing stone, we can incrementally and uniformly bring it up from extremely dull to extremely shiny, with a variety of burnishing processes, depending on your taste and your stone. The dullest finish we call Matte, then Patina, and Satin is the last step before we get into Semi-Gloss, which then leads us to High-Gloss. For the most part, every stone has a natural wearing that it will eventually get to over time and with use, like you see in the Old World, where little is done to make it look good. Some stone will naturally wear to a higher sheen than others, depending on their density. When we find that "sweet spot" in your stone's finish, it will be very user friendly and require much less maintenance than the Museumesque look of a high gloss.

Antiquing/Distressing: This is a fun sort of a process which uses a combination of aggressive diamond embossed brushes, which dig out the soft spots of the stone, and powder abrasives, which when burnished with the proper pads will leave the stone at a uniform and scratch free finish that can be manipulated to any of a variety of sheens.

Voids/Pitting/Cracks: When I worked as a granite fabricator/installer I was always given the job of mixing epoxy colors. Every job I've had since then, I was always suckered into doing that stinky surf board factory style job. Don't get me wrong, I like getting artsy in this field and this is the sort of thing that puts my eyes and yours to the test. If you haven't committed to memory the precise location of the repair, I guarantee you will have trouble finding it. We also repair grout and caulk with matching colors to the original.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance will keep your stone always looking good and the cost down per visit, keeping the work load and time it takes down to a minimum. Also, sealing the stone regularly will prevent many unwanted distresses. We will offer Contractual discounts for recurring accounts.