Do's and Don'ts


  • DO clean surfaces with the appropriate products, such as Granite Gold.
  • DO blot up spills immediately.
  • DO squeegee shower walls after each use.
  • DO prevent puddling or standing water. IE; Shower seats and shelves, and around faucets.
  • DO use a stone polish, like Granite Gold, to help prevent hard water deposits in showers and around sinks.
  • DO protect your countertops with placemats, trivets, and coasters. Decorative glass placemats are perfect for acid sensitive stones in bathrooms.
  • DO use felt pads, rather than metal or plastic sliders, under chairs, stools, and other furniture which needs to slide often to prevent scratches.
  • DO sweep, dust mop, and mop stone regularly.
  • DO keep welcome mats clean to prevent tracking sand onto your floors and creating traffic wear patterns.
  • DO use protective barriers under all planters.
  • DO professionally maintain and seal your stone annually.


  • DO NOT use any citrus scented products on your stone.
  • DO NOT use vinegar, tile and grout cleaners, or glass cleaners. These all have a PH which will react poorly with your stone.
  • DO NOT use calcium and lime removers, as these are common elements in most stone.
  • DO NOT use powder or soft scrub cleaners which will scratch or etch your stone.
  • DO NOT use common disinfectants.
  • DO NOT use furniture polish.
  • DO NOT be mislead into believing your grout or natural stone need not be sealed.