Apex Stone Care - Bend, Oregon

Fall in love with your stone all over again!

There are over 20,000 different types of stone and every stone has its reasons for needing maintenance; whether it's as simple as sealing your granite countertops every two to three years with impregnating oil and water repellants or completely overhauling a spalled (pitted) marble shower with hard water deposits and acid etches throughout. It takes a professional eye to identify the type of stone and to figure out the kind of process needed for bringing out its natural beauty. Since every classification of stone has a different composite of elements, there needs to be an experienced professional who knows how to obtain the desired results no matter what the job entails.

We have the ability to customize the finish of every type of natural stone to almost every type of conceivable finish. For instance, we have a capacity for bringing any high gloss polished stone down to a uniform matte finish, or anywhere in between, and usually vice a versa. Some stone, due to its natural characteristics, can not be naturally polished to a high gloss factory finish without topical coatings, which we try to avoid since topical coatings have a likelihood of flaking, yellowing, and causing hydrostatic pressure; being comparable to a cheap nail polish which is purchased by the gallon. Not to mention the eventual and disproportionate amount of work involved in stripping the stone verses a simple clean and reseal.

As far as grout is concerned, we clean it to its original color almost every time, especially if it was sealed anytime after installation, though not always a requirement. We refrain from color coating grout for similar reasons to why we try to avoid using topical sealants; especially since it's not necessary once we clean it, unless you don't like the original color. Impregnating sealers will prevent the grout from accepting the larger molecules found in staining materials such as red wine, coffee, oils and butter, fruits and juices, and practically any other kind of grime you can imagine in your home.

In short, we have the expertise to emend most every one of your natural stone restoration and preservation needs.